785 W Ray Fine Blvd : Roland, OK

Sundays at 10:45am : Wednesdays at 7pm







@10:00am: Life Groups

@10:00am: Childrens Church

@10:45am: Worship

@2:00pm: School of Wisdom

@2:00pm: Music Training

@2:00pm: Childrens Church

Nursery Provided All Services


@7:00pm: Youth (Life Center)

@7:00pm: Childrens Church

@7:00pm: Adults (Main)


Small Groups

Women's Fellowship

Outdoors Group

Missions Group



The primary function of the Porter/Greeter Team is to provide quality service and a comfortable atmosphere to those attending services at Gateway International.


Careful to follow Nehemiah 4:6 and Psalm 84:10, we are dedicated to the regular cleansing of our minds, bodies, and spirits to sanctify ourselves to the service of ushering parishioners and visitors into an atmosphere conducive to learning how to have a personal encounter with God.



Children’s Ministries


At Gateway International we feel our children are in need of the same level of ministry as every adult.


Every class is filled with fun, food, and activities as we teach the children those fundamental truths of God’s word that will give them strength and stability as they develop into young men and women that are well prepared to possess their destiny in the Lord.



Youth Ministry


Static Youth Ministries are a part of Gateway International.


These are youth that are being trained to lead. Every young person is given the opportunity to learn to worship, play music, and minister. We believe it is vital to teach our young men and women how to enter into the presence of the Lord and become leaders for today.



Small Groups


Our Small Groups are designed to get everybody together for fellowship.


These groups meet monthly and are dynamic because of the variety of ministry they possess. Each group is designed to have fun, get to know each other, and to be an avenue for personal ministry.



School of Wisdom


This School is one of the most intense studies and training for those who really desire to get deep into the Word.


With PowerPoint, notes, and a studious setting you are able to learn God’s Word with exciting results. Join us every Sunday at 3pm as we uncover the truths of God’s Word together.

Our Ministries