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Why We Worship the Way We Do


The Bible teaches that worship is not a dull ritual, but a joyful and intimate celebration of God's presence.


The Bible encourages us to express our love to God in a variety of ways:

  • Singing - Psalm 30:4, 95:1

  • Kneeling - Psalm 95:6, Luke 22:41

  • Standing - Psalm 134:1, 135:2

  • Lifting up Hands - Ps. 134:2, I Tim. 2:8

  • Clapping Hands - Ps. 47:I, 98:8

  • Dancing - Psalm 149:3, 150:4

  • Shouting - Psalm 35:27, 47:l

  • Musical Instruments - Psalm 150:3-5, II Samuel 6:5

  • Prophetic Song - Ps. 40:3, 96:1, 98:1

In addition to these expressions of our love, God also exhorts us to exercise the gifts of the Spirit in an orderly way as we meet together.


In the course of our worship you may hear a prophetic word given to encourage or edify (I Cor. 14:3, 31) or a brief message in tongues, followed by an interpretation (I Cor. 14:5,18,27). While all of the above expressions of praise are valid and acceptable, none are required. If you feel uncomfortable expressing your praise in these ways, please feel free to just "sing along" or to quietly express your love for God in prayer.

The Kingdom of God and Apostolic Government


We serve a King who is advancing a Kingdom.  The King has chosen to position His Kingdom within humankind.


He sends those who have His Kingdom within them into every aspect of society’s culture. The Kingdom of God is here now! The seven mountains of society are meant to be influenced and dominated by the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom has Jesus Christ as the cornerstone and apostles properly related to prophets form the foundation of the Kingdom.


Apostles create and execute God’s prototype plan in the earth and through each nation of the earth until there is a house of prayer built for every people group.  Jesus taught us to pray that God’s Kingdom would come to earth as it is in heaven.

Prophets & Prophecy


We believe God speaks today.  Prophecy is an outflow of God’s heart, nature and mind.


We are called to seek all spiritual gifts, but especially to prophesy (1 Cor. 14:1).  The privilege of every believer is to learn to hear and interact with the Father’s voice.  God promises if we will pay attention to His prophets, we will succeed!  Knowing that God speaks is not enough; we must hear and respond to the voice of the one speaking! Prophets decree heaven’s will.

A Covenant-Keeping God


He was before creation and ordered all of the processes in Earth.


He formed a relationship with humans. Abraham was the first one with whom He “cut” covenant in the Earth.  From His covenant with us He formed a land and a people, Israel, to fulfill His plans in the Earth. God will not violate His covenant.

Israel, as God's Covenant Nation & People


God came to His covenant people first to redeem and restore communion to Himself.


The people of Israel, the Jews, even in times of unbelief, are still His covenant people.  When they rejected Him, He came to the Gentiles. We, “wild olive branches,” are grafted into the root of Abraham to share in Israel’s blessings.  God has promised great blessing to the land of Israel and its people (Dt. 28), and we can share in those blessings by faith.


We have not replaced Israel, but are called to intercede for Israel’s full restoration.  God’s goal is for Jew and Gentile to be united in faith as “One New Man,” enjoying together the fullness of Abraham’s blessings.  As those who have been grafted into God’s covenant, we are called to stand with God’s covenant land.  Every nation will be reconciled around this land (Ephesians 2:11-18).

Law & Grace


The law was not given as a “works” system through which we could earn acceptance with God.


Biblically, “Law” means “the teaching of God.”  Law was given as a picture of God’s character and a window into God’s heart.  Because God knew we could never achieve the righteousness the Law described, He sent Jesus as the ultimate manifestation of His grace and love.  Through the New Covenant, God’s law is now written in and on our hearts.  The path to righteousness is not through striving to keep an external standard, but in allowing Holy Spirit to produce His fruit in us.

Redemption & Restoration


Your past does not have to control your future.


You can disqualify yourself from ministry by choosing to violate God’s Word, but if you truly repent, God will always open a path to restoration.  Your destiny is not ruined when you make a mistake.  A key to walking in restoration and blessing is the concept of firstfruits.  If we bring God our best, then He will bless the rest.

Who We Are & What We Believe